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Shindang-dong located in the east of the Gwanghee Gate called Shigu Gate (meaning the gate through which corpses were carried away), Shamans gathered together in a place called Shindang (meaning the place of spirits). We started the narrative of ‘folk belief’, expressing the characteristics of the locality of Shindang-dong. The focus is placed on the concept that customers have a fun and easy perception without unilaterally relying on religious aspects.

It was intended to be a space of the ‘Mysterious Forest of the Zodiac’ and was staged to take advantage of the twelve animals of the Eastern Zodiac with which all Koreans are familiar.


Shindang-dong has been named and spelled Shindang-dong (New Place); however, located in the east of the Gwanhee Gate called Shigu Gate (meaning the gate through which corpses were carried away), shamans gathered together in a place called Shindang (meaning the place of spirits).

In Shindang dong, which is now well-known for its various markets in Ddeogbolgi Town such as Shindang dong Jungang Market, Hwnagak dong Kitchenware Market, Dongmyo Doggaebi Market, and the Furniture Market lining both sides of the road and with fortune teller houses scattered about, I have endeavored to create a space retaining both ‘locality’ and ‘regionality’.

Furthermore, I wanted to create a space wherein the past and the present coexist side-by-side and a wide variety of interpretations are presented.


Designed in a Speakeasy style, the tile of the roof, the mesh bag, and antiques dating back more than 100 years are reminiscent of a fortune telling shop or a shrine. There are more than 50 amulets representing wishes for good fortune, and a cat on the right side of the candlestick guards the business. The cat, who was dropped from the circle of the Zodiac due to the guile of the rat, plays the role of the door guard.

When you push the cat logo to enter the establishment, a completely new interior space awaits you. The concept of “the forested dwelling of Zodiac spirits“ sets the stage of a dreamy atmosphere like a paradise on Earth or the enchanting world of Avatar.

The bar features twelve seats symbolizing the Zodiac. On both the left and right sides of the bar, as a motif for reflection of a sense of continuity to be extended to an infinity is granted. A dragon head stupa at the center follows the origin of three story stupa of Wonwonsaji in Gyeongju on which the figures of the Zodiac were carved for the first time in Korea, and at the same, in terms of function, it is a duct for the performance of vegetable tapas.


Sanshingak (The Place of Mountain Spirits) : in the Place of Mountain Spirits in Skip Floor, arranged in the form of the floor chair to look down , you are recommended to drink alcoholic beverages symbolizing each figure of the Zodiac and enjoy yourself as if you are becoming the Zodiac spirits.

Cheonmok (The Pond in Heaven) 
The Pond in Heaven is a pond in the forest of mystery, signifies the pond in heaven floating in the air.

Yongshin-dang (The Place of the Dragon God): Yongshin-dang is a private room on the ground floor, drawing inspiration from a shrine for the Dragon God wielding the powers of rain and water.


The Good Fortune Room: you can open the handle that symbolizes the pig of fortune to enter the bathroom, and the wall playfully depicts the meanings of eternity, infinity, and infinite fortune.

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